Saturday, August 1, 2009

Was a Young "Immortal" found in June?

From time to time, we here stories of great miracles and people surviving dangerous situations. However once in a while, we hear of people miraculously surviving certain death. Last month a young child survived a plane crash when they should have died.

Quoting from the June 30, 2009 London Telegraph:

"A young child has been plucked alive from the waters of the Indian Ocean by rescue boats searching for survivors of a Yemenia Air flight from Paris that crashed off the Comoros Islands, killing up to 152 people...

The boy, said to be a toddler, is the only known survivor so far of the passengers and crew on board the Airbus 310 aircraft that ditched in the sea after an aborted landing attempt at Moroni Airport on Grand Comore.

When the boats arrived they found a number of bodies floating in the water, and had taken three from the water when they found a toddler still alive, according to a Yemenia and local officials, quoting rescue workers.

"A child was found alive. He is now on a rescuers' boat," said Ben Imani, a doctor at Moroni's main hospital.

Sana'a airport said there were 142 passengers on board the plane, with the remainder being crew."

Was this child rescued because he was lucky enough to be at the right place aboard the plane, at the right time, to survive this deadly crash?

And if it was both, would that make this child a young immortal; one that could survive future accidents, diseases, and other possibly from aging itself?

It would be a wonderful research project to see how really "unbreakable" this child and others like him, truly are.


Victor said...

I would not make any research project on him like you said. Immortality is a great thing yes... But treating a young kid (toddler like you said) like a lab rat doesn't seem right. He is still a human being. Checking how unbreakable he is? Sounds like you want to throw him from the top floor of a building to see if he lands on his feet. Its a miracle he survived, YES. Lets leave it like that. If he makes the news again cause he survived another crash or something keep a track. Don't bother the kid, he has passed through a lot already. And if he is indeed an immortal he has a lot on his shoulders already by not having a mother or father cause they probably died in the accident.

Ben Abba said...

I agree.

I am more interested in the 2,000+ years old immortals anyway.