Monday, December 24, 2007

How Can Anyone Believe That a 2,800 Man Really Exists ?

I received a question on one of my forums today. Let me try to paraphrase it for everyone: "Who in their right mind would believe … that anyone could live as much as 2,800 years".

Here is one of many answers to that question:

... This is similar to what I told a friend of mine about walking barefoot over a hot bed of coals. That was until her and I went to a Tony Robbins seminar and where we both walked several feet over a bed of very fresh, hot coals. Now I have to believe it is possible to walk barefoot on hot coals. Not just because I saw people walking barefoot, safely, over a hot bed of coals; but because I DID IT!

Now, no one can ever change my mind that walking barefoot on hot coals is possible. Whenever I hear someone say that it is impossible to do so, I simply invite them to find a Tony Robbins event and try it themselves. If they give me some lame excuse not to even try and investigate this simple truth; then I know the real impossibility is convince them of anything. I am not connected with the Tony Robbins organization in any way; but my fire walk with him surely opened my eyes to an even bigger reality.

... Thus is similar to what many told President John F. Kennedy when he told the world, Americans would safely land a man on the moon and bring him back safely. Can anyone of you remember about how America was laughed at for even conceiving the thought of going to the moon? That was until we all heard those famous words “One small step for man … One giant step for mankind”.

... That is similar to what many told the Wright brothers when they were building their first airplane. There were a lot of naysayers back then. If they didn't believe man could fly, I wonder what they all thought about man going to the moon?

... That is similar to what many told Christopher Columbus about crossing the Atlantic and discovering America. Ok, so Columbus was not the first to reach America; but back in his time, many thought he was nuts to sail West. Ever hear of the "flat earth people"? They ruled the world back then.

... That is similar to what many told Christ, including his Apostles, when he said he was going to die and rise again in 3 days. Since it is the eve of when we celebrate Christ's birth, I just had to add this to the list. After all, he was constantly surrounded by as many naysayers as he had followers. Still, he proved many of them wrong; didn't he?

...Need I say anymore?

The truth is I wanted to know the truth and not what others believe is the truth; so I found the means to find a person over 150 years living today. And I found more than one. Well people will always say that it is nuts to believe anyone could live past 150 years; I have to believe. I have met these people and they really exist in my reality. So I invite you all to listen to my experiences and their stories and judge for yourself or do your own research. If you prefer to do neither, then there lies the real impossibility.

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haile6654 said...

Nobody can really say with any real conviction if immortals exist or not, but I think it is definately a possability. If you believe in the Bible then you would have to believe there is at least one right? Wasn't the Roman Soldier, I think his name was Pontius Pilot, cursed to live until Jesus returns again?

Ben Abba said...

If you believe in the Bible then you know the Roman Soldier is not the only one believed to be an immortal. ;-)