Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some items which I can use some help with

One of the reasons I am posting this blog is there are a few items that I could use some help with in my research of this extraordinary fellow; and I felt a blog is a great way to appeal to the public for such help.

First item I am searching for is an old photograph, taken around the late 1800's in Paris France. This picture is of a young Maria Skłodowska, the woman who would later be known as the famous Madame Curie. The picture would show here and an elderly gentleman who happens to be my immortal friend. Their are other items in the picture which I can use to authenticate the picture if one should be found. I have no connections with early French photographers and any French newspaper archives. Any help on finding such a photograph would be most appreciated.

The second item I could use help with is recommendations of who I could use to perform detailed DNA testing if and when I ever am able to obtain a sample. I do not want to be rude nor break the trust I have with this man; but I am really curious to see what such a test will show. So when the opportunity presents itself, I will try to get a saliva, stool, blood, or if all else fails, a urine sample from this man for testing.

The third item I could use help with is what additional questions I should ask this man about his 2,800 year history? I have asked him a lot of questions, but I know there are plenty more which I could ask him. I will log all of his answers for further discussions.

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