Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where's the Proof?

I am often asked "What proof do I have that such a person exists"? Right now I have come to this forum to present the question of "what if" such a person really exists, and if so that immortals do exist, what questions should I ask such a person about historical events. In other words I am giving opening arguments for the case of immortality; and not giving a full case for such in 1,000 words or less. If I handed you a smoking gun without any context would you convict anyone of a crime? Of course not; because even absolute proof requires context to substantiate it.

I am not presenting evidence here because I fell that this is not the format to present physical evidence and even if I could, I know it will not be enough. And I am not here to ask you to believe in anything; I am simply asking for your advice on what facts are important and how to present them as I collect them about this unique man. As time permits, I am blogging some of my findings here or my other blog I feel it will take me many days to present all that needs to be presented; but since I know most people like the 5 minute, sound clip, answers, I will do my best to summarize where I am in my research so far.

1. I found and approached "him" using advanced research techniques. These techniques are what some people and a few of our government agencies use to find suspects and missing persons today. It would take days to go into the details on which exact technique I used and how I use them, so for brevity sake may I say I used anomalies as "clues" to create a profile to track down my "target" suspect (i.e. a 65 year old man with a 70 year old son).

2. None of these clues by themselves are absolute evidence of anything, but put together they form a profile of someone who is older than 120 years. I found several people (at least 5) that were older than 120 years using these techniques and from this profiling, the man in Mediterranean Sea area appeared to me to be the oldest. 3. After several years on approaching him and speaking with him, I was able to gain his trust enough for him to describe his past and his experiences. From this I gained a lot of data to check out using more of my research tools to verify. This includes historical events; several that are unwritten. A particular historical item that has caught my attention is his first photograph taken with the famous Madame Curie. I have not found this photograph yet because I have had difficulty locating old French photographs from that era. I am asking for help, including for those in this forum, for finding such a photograph because it supposedly shows him just as he appears today. Again, not absolute proof, but if such a picture exists, it would certainly raise many eyebrows if compared with a photograph of him today.

I have also checked to see if he had any antiques from years past. One such item is a 2,500 year old "coin" which he still possesses. From my research it appears to me to be a legitimate "coin" from 2,500 years ago. Again, still not absolute proof, but what are the chances that someone you picked at random would have a "coin" that resembles other known 2,500 year old "coins"?

I have asked him to speak in his native tongue; which is an ancient form of Aramaic. I am not an expert in Aramaic, but it does sound like Aramaic to me. I am in the process of trying to find an expert in the ancient versions of Aramaic. Again this is not absolute proof of anything; but what are the chances of picking a person at random who can speak and in an ancient Aramaic tongue; especially when there are only a handful of people in the world who can speak and understand it today?

Again, there is no absolute, positive proof here, but the preponderance of circumstantial evidence is growing every day. So I am also asking everyone for questions that I should ask this incredible man about his past. Even if I cannot prove his true age, I certainly can present his eyewitness observations of the birth of our western civilization.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the 2,800 year old man looks like or his name, but there are a ton of pictures of Madame Marie Curie on google images, and some of them have men in the pictures. I hope this helps some.

Ben Abba said...

I know there are a lot on Google and even more in her museums and biographies. However I just have not gone through all of them quite yet. Almost all of the men are her husband Pierre; but I may have missed the right one.

Let me know if you see one without Pierre Curie. That could be the "one".

Preston said...

i found a picture of madam curie, pierre, and another man pierre assistant. i hope this helps

Ben Abba said...

Thank you Preston.

However, the picture I am looking for of Madame Curie was taken before she met Pierre Curie.