Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Answers to Questions about Do Immortals Really Exist

How someone would manage to stay alive 2,800 years is the main reason I went looking for this man. His eyewitness accounts of 2,800 years of history turned out to be a big bonus.

I can tell you that one of this man's secrets of longevity is that he doesn't believe in death; so I would assume that suicide would not be an option. However, that is a good question, one that I had not thought of asking him.

Thanks humbaba for your post. Here is my reponse to your statements:

1."It would depend on their mental state and where they came from. If they lived in a small village their entire life they would not have much to tell.
The mind deteriates along with the body. I would be more curious about how this person lived such a long life". --- This is the main reason I went in search of such a person. I was surprised how vivid his memories would be going back so far. What I have found is his earliest memories that he can recall are thiose he has some emotional tie to.

2. "Of course. Most ancient peoples believed that those that came before them lived longer lives. That does not make it true. " --- It doesn;t make it false either. Many such legends and stroeis of the past have some basis in fact. Plus, what else do we have about our ancient history than these ancient scriptures, legends, and stories?

3. "Was there any one that could verify that what this person said was accurate? Have you done any scientific research in ageing? Or how the mind works? " --- I am n process of doing just this; hence my posting on this forum. I have found some circumstancial evidence to confirm his statements (see my post "Where's the Proof").

4. "Is that were you get your information from?" --- No, but that is where most people get thier information from. One of main reasons I now believe this man is nearly 2,800 years old is beccause I took the time and effort to research and investigate finding such a person using sources of information not normally available to most people.

5. "I would be very skeptical. How did you verify that this person is 2800 years old? Just from what you have said about him, I wouldn’t believe a word he says. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is." --- Your skepticisim is good. I am not hear to change your beliefs, just presenting the possibility that such a person does exist. He has spent his lifetime hiding his true identity. I sought him out and confronted him with what I found out using my advanced research techniques. My skepticism started to wane as more circumstantial evidence presented itself to me. Obviously you were not there so I cannot expect you to believe any of this. However, if the day ever comes when I can present everythign I found out ...

6. "OK, I read some of your blog. Here is a problem I have. You say you are an expert in physics. And yet you believed Tony Robin’s crap about walking on hot coals? You don’t know the physics behind walking on fire? It seems to me from your blog that you are not taking a very scientific approach to this old guy." --- I am an expert in Physics which is why I was very skeptical of Tony Robbins firewalks. So instead of believing what everyone else belives abotu wlaking on hot coals, I went to a Tony Robbis event, I witnessed many poeple walking barefoot on hot coals, I tested the hot coals, and then I personally did the walk on a fresh bed of coals. Nothing in my Physics can explain what I saw and experienced for myself. It i can tell you with aboslute certainy that this is not crap. So unless you are willing to actually fo go and try it for yourself, it would be intellectually dishonest to call it crap.

And this is exactly why this man has been able to live among us without detection; no one is willing to chellenge popular belief and so called "science" and investigate whether such a person could possibly exist. I am taking the scientific approach here, where science allows. But as in the case of firewalking, science cannot prove everything.

I totally agree with you that holding more than 100 years of memories seems very improbable. I certainly have difficulty remember events just 40 to 50 years ago.

However, when I interviewed the man I believe is 2,800 years old, I was surprised to find he did have memories going back thousands of years. I started my questioning of him by skipping around time and he did have great difficulty remembering certain historical events. Then, when I went back to his childhood years, his strongest memory was that of a sister whom he was quite close to. Eventually I figured out that his oldest memories were tied to some emotional event in his life. When it came to questions I had about people and events that he had no emotional ties to; he had no memory of them; but when I saw emotion in his face, he would recall some memory of the event.

As for organs, they appear to me, on the outside, to be working just fine. In fact they may be working better than those of many of my peers. However without dissecting the man, I would not be able to give any definite answers to what the true condition of his organs may be.

I can say, much to my surprise, that he still has original teeth. However, they are really, really, bad looking. I suspect that age and many years without a toothbrush have taken it's toll on his teeth. Although his diet and use of natural teeth cleaning products have helped him greatly keep his original teeth; although they have aged greatly.

As for proving someone’s age is greater than 120 years: living in an age where identity theft is so rampant, I think it would be impossible to offer indisputable proof. Still, I have found a lot of circumstantial evidence which has forced me into the believer category. I will endeavor to collect as much information as I can on this man and publish it for people to decide for themselves if such a person could possibly exist. I will post the answers to these questions and my other research on my main blog

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