Sunday, December 23, 2007

Who Wants To Live Forever?

Before I continue with my discussion about how I found an immortal, I need to digress about 2 new articles that I recently found on the subject of "Who Wants to Live Forever".

The first article is from the Wired magazine titled: Who Wants to Live Forever. This article describes the type of people who really do want to live forever including those who attend the "Extreme Life Extension Conference" every other year. These people, known as "immortality advocates", eagerly absorbed the latest in the science and philosophy behind the quest for immortality. To many of them getting old is more of a disease than part of life; and once a cure is found, immortality will become a reality.

The second article that caught my interest today is from the website titled: The man who wants to live forever. It describes scientist Aubrey de Grey who believes that a 60-year-old alive today may become the first 1,000-year-old human (he doesn't know yet that 1,000 humans already exist). de Grey, whose field of study is called "biogerontology", then goes on to describe the philosophical debate on living beyond 100 years. De Grey firmly believes that immortality will be the result of scientific discovery. However, if immortals already exist, how did they become immortals without the modern science?

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