Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Interview on the Mysterious Universe has Been Posted. Where is the Evidence?

Hello Mysterious Universe Audience!

I recently did a taped interview with the Mysterious Universe radio show; which has now be posted on the Mysterious Universe website at . Special thanks to Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright for an awesome interview and for posting a link to my blog for more information about my topics presented on the show.

However, like many other people I talk with about this extraordinary story, many members of the Mysterious Universe audience have voiced their opinions without taking the time to review my blog which is filed with lots of evidence confirming what statements I made on the radio interview. So for these people, I am offering a very brief summary of facts to help them research a small part of the back story of finding a real life "immortal" living among us today.



Apparently many of my pseudo-skeptical and pseudo-scientific friends are having great difficulty finding any evidence on my blog of the possibility that people can extend their lives past 122 years of age. While it is good to have skeptical friends, it does trouble me to learn that they have such great difficulty finding the evidence that I have presented on these blogs. So today I am writing this blog post to summarize some of the evidence I have alrteady presented, in an effort to help those who might be challenged reading some of my previous posts and "doing the math" by putting all this evidence together to form the bigger picture.

First I would like to present to you my posts, pointing to people "on record" whom have lived 125 years and more:

128 Year Old Woman Stars on YouTube (128 years young, Tuti Yusupova, becomes a YouTube sensation).

Living More Than 150 Years by Those Who Have Done It (here is a brief list of people, on record, who lived 150 years and more).

Supercentenarians of Record Who Lived More Than 150 Years

Supercentenarians of Record Who Lived More Than 150 Years - Part 2

Supercentenarians of Record Who Lived More Than 150 Years - Part 3

Examples of Living Past 150 Years - Li Chang (Ching) Yun (according to the research by New York Times and other publications, this man lived 256 years before he passed away).

Next, I would like to present to you my posts pointing to scientists whom have found bits of evidence that point to the possibility of extending our lives, well beyond what is considered the norms:

Science Extends the Lifespan of Fungus ( a small step with a small creature, but a big step for scientists).

Modern scientists succeed in the quest for immortality (bacteria can live forever in laboratory conditions).

2050 - and Immortality is Within Our Grasp (some scientists believe so).

Can Human Cells be Reprogrammed? (scientists are discovering the possiblity of re-programming our human cells).

Discovering the Secrets of Longevity - Two Scientists are Finding Answers (2 scientists, Dr. Leonid A. Gavrilov and Dr. Natalia S. Gavrilova are figuring out, scientifically, how to extend our lives).

Human Immortality: A Scientific Reality? (a Korean scientists believes he has found a possible cure for the aging process)

A Cure for Human Aging (Dr. Aubrey de Grey contributes his research and theories on human longevity).

Next, I have several posts that present the possibility we can control our lives, our bodies, and even reach "physical immortality" (if only for a brief moment in our lives):

Skydiver Experiences an Immortal Moment and Cheats Death (the incredible story of Paul Lewis who survived a 2,000 foot fall without a parachute).

Was a Young "Immortal" found in June? (teenager escapes certain death in a major airline crash).

A Child Frozen in Time - Toddler Accidently Discovers the Fountain of Youth (16 year old Brooke Greene ages only 1 month, every year ... could she hold the secrets of immortality?).

Can Our Heart Stop the Aging Process? (a practical theory present by Gregg Braden)

Does the Movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" Offer a Secret to Immortality? (intelligent design is a requirement for achievining physical immortality).

How to Live to 150 Years or More (some commonalities I found in my research that will help us all live longer and healthier lives, regardless of our beliefs in physical immortality).

Absolute, Positive Proof of Human Immortality (yes we have it on record of someone who did beat death, as witnessed by many in the world at that time).

Finally my disclosure of some of the evidence that a man is living among us who could POSSIBLY BE nearly 2,800 years of age:

Learn the Secrets of Immortality from Those Who Have Already Found It.

Where's the Proof?

Where's the Proof (Part 2)?

Where's the Proof (Part 3)?

Where's the Proof (Part 4)

Ironically, after much internal debate, I finally decided to write a book about my research so that friends and naysayers alike could read this important information in a well laid out format. I also decided to go ahead and grant interview requests in order to answer questions to various host and call-in guests to help others better understand my research. These radio interviews helped me understand what information is of the most interest to the public. I really enjoy the conversations and I did learn as much from these interviews as I hopefully gave to their listens.

Hopefully when the book(s) are finally released, we can all better understand this incredible gift that has blessed all of us and the entire world.


John said...


I listened to your interview on 'Mysterious Universe' and I found it absolutely fascinating. Now, completely independently of whether a word of it is true or not, what you have here is an awesome story.

I think what people are mostly skeptical about is your story regarding a 2,800 year old man living today that you claim to have interviewed.

There are a number of things to be skeptical about on this point, but let's start with the basics.

There are three distinct possibilities.

(1) The guy you interviewed is really 2,800 years old.

(2) The guy you interviewed is telling you a tall tale (either intentionally or due to mental illness)

(3) You are making up a story yourself, there is no guy, or you and the guy are in cahoots to tell a tall tale.

So, as you point out on your MU interview, it's going to be pretty much impossible to prove #1; though we could make efforts to substantiate the story.

What we can do, however, is try to prove whether or not #3 is true.

Do you have video and audio tape of this man you claim to have interviewed?

How many times have you interviewed him? Are you still in frequent contact with him today? Do you ever speak to him by telephone?

Now, about the man himself. I think what we all want from this is a great story and narrative. Is this man able to give you a coherent linear narrative of his entire life?

Has this man recorded journals over his extended lifetime? Can you get access to any of these journals?

Forget 2,800 years, do you have photographic evidence of this man looking, essentially the same, from say 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. years ago?

What other physical evidence can this man provide to support his tale?

How many languages can he speak? How many languages can he read?

I want to be clear, I am primarily interested in this purely as a *story*. I would be very disappointed if this whole thing was just a hoax you personally were conducting.

For example, I have heard of people who had some channeled information they wanted to share, some philosophy or teachings, and they just came up with a story simply to help promote their ideas (The Celestine Prophecy comes to mind as an excellent example.)

What would be far more interesting is if you could prove that you really found a man who claims to be 2,800 years old and that this man is ready and willing to engage you in a dialogue. That this man is willing to be video taped to help share his story and provide background information to document his life.

That this man could provide detail about ancient history with color commentary in such a way that it brought it to life.

Now, all of this, would be truly and deeply fascinating.

I will say this. On MU you kind of 'buried the lead' so to speak. The only question anyone is going to have about this man is 'What was it like during the time of Christ?'. Then, you drop the bombshell, that this man claims to have been a personal friend of Christ.

Now, you can't drop that bombshell and then follow up by saying, "But I can't tell you about that..."

That is *the* story everyone wants to hear. No one cares that he was a merchant in Verona or some other trivia.

So, I look forward to whatever evidence you can provide to prove that this alleged man even exists. I look forward to hearing the story continue to unfold.



Ben Abba said...

Thank you John for your constructive comments. Beleive it or not I have addressed all of your questions throughout my MU interview, my other interviews, and throughout the various posts on my blog.

When I get the time, I will try to recap my answers to your questions. However in the meantime,all of the answers are out there and you can start reviewing them now.

Be Well!


Jerry Sampson said...

I just finished listening to MU and your interview was amazing! I have trouble with the word immortal. I think of the word immortal as someone who CAN'T die or be killed. I do think that there are people who aren't immortal but have incredibly long long lives. Longer than anything we can percieve today. At first the concept of immortality is curious but after 1500 years you'd bound to grow tired and/or bored. Especially if you age into your elderly years. I think that the concept of OLD age as in this case is a gift from God. We lesser folk can be immortal in Heaven. I do wonder if your friend had any recollections or thoughts about North America or if he just stayed in European sections. There was bound to be a ripple of excitement when a new country was "discovered." Can't wait for the book to come out. Good job!

Ben Abba said...

Thank you Jerry for your wonderful comment.

I did not get a chance to clearly define "immortal" in the MU interview like I did with other interviews.

My definition is someone 150+ who realizes that physical death is a choice and not a predetermined event. I know we all are immortal spiritually, but now I realize we all have the choice of physically extending our lives as long as we desire.

This is what I feel about this 2,800 year old man. And I truly feel that boredom, and only boredom, is what will convince him to end his own life.


Ben Abba said...


A follow up.

What if, you had a very skeptical mind, was schooled in very traditional sciences, and lived a very traditional life; then suddenly came face to face with a series of very non-traditional, non-explanable, non-easily-provable experiences ending with meeting a 2,800 year old man?

Yes, it is very good to be skeptical about stories like mine. However, simply dismissing the whole story without checking out some of the evidence or taking the time to performing a little research on the topic is totally disingenuous to the topic and to yourself.

With that said:

1. I went looking for him. He did not want to be found; at all.

2. I "pushed him" to tell me his stories. I did this by convincing himm I would respect him and his wishes to maintain his privacy. Once I honored him with my respect, he honored me with his memories; for he then had no other reason to lie to me.

3. I consider myself a pretty brigh guy; but I certainly am not smart enough to come up with a fictional story as incredible and unbeleivable as this one.

4. As I have said repeatedly, there is no "smoking gun" here, but there certainly is a lot of circumstantial evidence and statistical evidence. And there is a lot of unconventional evidence as well. Currently, out of respect for him, I cannot share "my best stuff" but I can share alot of other things; which is what I am doing now.

4. I do not ever see any video of this man coming out. I do see, when I have the permission to do so, some audio and maybe pictures. I am thinking about taking pictures of hands, feet, etc. on my next visit. And I do want to get some audio to linguistic experts for transation.

Also, I have mentioned several times that there is a picture of this man with Madame Curie in France, taken around 1891-1893; before she was married. The person who can help me find this rare picture will have the rare opportunity of seeing what he looks like today.

I am trying to present in the 1st book a linear highlight of his life. He never kept any journals, but there are a few books written about him in the past.

I am still in contact and have spoken to him using a telephone and a translator.

The 1st book, and others will include as much evidence I have peremission to present; although again no smoking gun that I have found other than his eyewitness accounts of unwritten history.

He can speak all of the Mediterranean languages. He says he has difficulty in writing much in any language. He does appear to me to be able to read all of the European and Middle Eastern languages.

I am sorry about the bombshells. I tried to warn all of my interviewees about that topic. However, I will make it my life's mission to "fill in the blanks".

I too am looking forward to continually presenting all of the evidence I can find as I discover more of this unique man's incredible life.


corublo said...

Aren't you worried about other people using remote viewing to contact this man and expose the truth before you?

Ben Abba said...


That is why I have to be careful about giving out these supercententarians name, voices, or pictures of them. It would not be too difficult for another good remote viewer to find them; especially a professional team like Major Ed Dames has.

Fortunately, all of the really good remote viewers I have met have good moral character and would not threaten any of these unique men.

Plus I have found out that all of these supercentenarians are very well protected spiritually, so I should not worry about harm coming to them from other remote viewers.

Anonymous said...

On the MU podcast, you mentioned something about people who fall incredible distances and yet live. Here's a recent example:

Ben Abba said...

Anonymus thank you for the great article link about a man surviving a 40 story fall!

I will have to post it later on today.