Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Science Extends the Lifespan of Fungus

A Dr. Valter Longo recently announce that he has successfully extended the lifespan of a strain of yeast fungus.

"An excited Dr. Longo told the Independent's science correspondent, this was a 10-fold increase in the fungus' normal longevity..."

What this translates into a human years, if we assume that our average human life is 75 years; then a 10 fold increase would be 750 years.

If we use the longest lifespan on record of approximately 120 years, thus would translate into 1,200 years.

"...Dr Longo's team ... managed this by (among other things) removing two genes..."

"We're talking about the possibility of humans living for over 1,000 years."

Sounds to me like fungus, with some gene manipulation, will soon catch up to the lifespans of those humans who have already become immortal.

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