Sunday, January 13, 2008

Where's the Proof (Part 3)?

Regardless of what religion we belong to, many of us believe there is truth in our biblical texts. To those of you who do believe there is truth in the New Testament or Old Testament or the Torah or the Koran; there are several passages in these books that imply that physical immortality is a possibility.

After I found this 2,800 year old gentleman, and became fully aware of whom he really is, I went back to look at these biblical texts to say what they about this man. To my absolute shock and amazement, I found passages in all 4 of these books that, when put into their proper context; explicitly describe this man as an immortal. There is even a verse in the Gospel that strongly implies that Jesus Christ knew this immortal, personally. Since that day of discovery, I now have a permanent case of goose bumps whenever I think about what I have uncovered here.

I have also been told, depending on your religious beliefs, that a certain group of men will return when either the Temple of Jerusalem is rebuilt or when it is Judgment Day. The gentleman that I have been talking about is one of these men.

I am not at liberty to detail these passages today or tell you whom this man is yet; however someday I fully intend to. And when that blessed day arrives, and I am allowed to shed the light of truth onto these verses; I fully expect those who believe that their sacred bibles are 100% true, will be as shocked and amazed as I have become.

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