Friday, January 18, 2008

Where's the Proof (Part 4)

I contend that in our day and age, it is impossible to absolutely, positively prove anything. I believe that Americans did land on the moon; yet there are many skeptics who have claimed there is no absolute, undeniable proof that the moon landing was not faked by our government. There is no absolute, positive proof that OJ murdered his wife or that UFOs exist; yet a majority of the people on this planet believe both are true. If you look around and find your local neighborhood atheist they will tell you either Jesus Christ did not survive his crucifixion or that there is no absolute, undeniable proof that he ever existed. Yet I bet many would argue strongly against either statement. By definition, most atheists believe there is no such thing as God; yet I contend many would argue that point vigorously.

There is no absolute, undeniable proof that global warming is actually taking place; and there is no absolute, positive proof that it is not. Further, there is no absolute, undeniable proof that homo sapiens evolved from apes; and there is no absolute, positive proof that human evolution did not take place. Likewise, I believe it is impossible to to prove, without a shadow of doubt that someone is an immortal; and it is equally impossible to prove someone that real immortals do not exist.

I also believe it is not my purpose in life to prove, undeniably, that immortals do live among us. This is why I was not going to even bother to tell anyone about the immortal that I found. However, as I continued to research this remarkable man and heard his stories, it became very clear to me that I had to tell the world that I found such a man and present his stories; even if I cannot offer scientific evidence that this man is older than 150 years.

I found an interesting quote on the web: “Truth is what opposites have in common”. Hopefully believing man did walk on the moon is not the only truth we have in common.


Anonymous said...

So close and yet so far. I have lived for 308 years. I first noticed that I was different when my teeth never decayed..despite the fact that I never brushed them and yet through the years dentists marveled at my perfect mouth (yes I do have my teeth cleaned despite what you might think). You will never truly find someone like me, try as you may. I will not be found because I do not want to be. I already live in fear on the chance someone may guess who I am, or what I am. And so I surface for awhile in some big city where I can be anonymous and then disappear again. I never stay in one place for very many years because I fear someone will notice that I haven't changed in a decade...or two. Just because I have lived longer than anyone I know, I have never known a famous person, so you will not find me in pictures with famous people. Why would I? I do not want to be seen. I struggle like you to keep a roof over my head, and food on my table because I get hungry just like you. Yes I eat. I even get sick, just like you. But I do not grow old. Could I die by getting hit by a car or some other accident? Maybe. I have never had that experience, so who can say? Do not fault me because I want to be left alone. Do not seek me because I will not be found.

MonkeyG said...

Have you considered starting by proving he has been kicking around for at least the past few hundred year? It would make the story far more credible (if you have I apologise, I haven't read everything just listened to the MU interview and was curious). If he has been living in society there is a paper trail and a little detective work should bring up plenty of hard evidence. What birth date does he use? Is that date registered with a hospital? If he's had wives, jobs, houses, friends, bank accounts, even he couldn't destroy all the evidence. Find some records. What were his wives names, when did they die, who were their family? Where are the photos and documents? Who did he work for over the past few hundred years? Where did he live? Even if he's gone under different names there will be records and people who remember him. Easy. If the guy is happy for his story to be told then he should be happy to have it proven.

It is intriguing and if you could dig up evidence that he's lived over even 200 years then you really have a foundation.

Anonymous said...

for the sake of argument let's assume that this gentleman is several centuries old. Well, are you going to ask him if a General Motors saloon represents an improvement on Roman Chariots?

Probably not, because both GM and chariots need historical context - a Roman Chariot was perfectly good in it's day, and in spite of the Romans' famed ability in building roads, a chariot would be preferable for travelling cross country in favour of anything GM offer.

The PC I'm typing on is by most peoples' estimation something of a dinosaur, yet it would be centuries ahead of what your subject could have anticipated in his youth.

What would be revealing is to ask your subject what he thinks of modern society - how we live, and what values we adhere to? What does he think of the divorce rate? Our system of Social welfare payments? The way we treat our elderly?

Anonymous said...

The anonymous comment which commences "So close and yet so far." doesn't really go far enough.

Why wouldn't an immortal want to be identified?

The answer is strikingly obvious when you think about it. EVERYONE who is NOT immortal will want to know how to become so. Ideally in a few EASY lessons. At best, an immortal could expect to be hounded whenever he or she goes out in public, or pestered by pharmecutical companies who want them to endorse a product.

At worst, an immortal might be kidnapped by the Government or unscrupulous business people who would have the immortal eviscerated in a lab in the hope of obtaining the secret.

Safer for an immortal to emulate "McCleod" from that Highlander film, and change their identity every few years