Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is Truth Where Facts Meet Faith?

In my discussions with some of the negative comments I have received from some of my posts, I am reminded of some of my earlier experiences in my life. I remember growing up in a very black and white world of science; where truth and facts are one. And only those facts that I can hold in my hand, see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears, or reproduce in a laboratory experiment are truth; and everything else is theory or faith. That was until I walked barefoot on hot coals.

I have, one too many times, walked on hot coals that accidently escaped from a grill or bonfire; each time painfully burning my feet. Then one day I had the opportunity to attend a Tony Robbins seminar and to my amazement, I walked barefoot on a 12 foot bed of very hot coals; without a scratch much less a burn. As I sat pondering later as to what I had just done, I realized the physics, the science, and the math in both events had not changed at all. But my faith and my beliefs at both events were totally different. I have since consistently observed others at parties burning their feet on a few smoldering coals while others have no pain or burns while strolling successfully across beds filled with blazing hot coals.

The same is true when I attempted to bend spoons in my own home. Again, I screamed at the spoons and performed all of the tasks that I knew for bending a spoon; without success. And yet, when I attended a spoon bending party, I bent numerous spoons with ease. Again I ponder, the physics, the science, and math are all the same in both events; yet the beliefs, the thoughts, and the faith are quite different between both experiences.

So I have begun to wonder, can our thoughts control the results of our scientific experiments? And if so, can our faith be as much of a factor in truth as the facts are?
After I heard about the quantum mechanics theories relating to how the observer of an experiment influences the results of the experiment; I saw the movie “What the Beep Do We Know”. This sleeper film attempted to introduce to the layperson the impact of our thoughts on own reality. This “truth” was emphasized even more in the better known film: “The Secret”.

So my point is: it is becoming very clear to me that our beliefs and our faith dictate what facts we can see and hear; as well as what facts we can call as truth.

And this is why, I believe, these real immortals have lived among us, for so long, without notice. Perhaps we have to be open to the possibility, in our faith and in our beliefs, for a person to actually see and meet a real immortal. Perhaps even more, we need this faith and beliefs, to become a immortal ourselves.


Anonymous said...

This is so true. I think with new discoveries emerging, we as a species are going to learn in the middle-term that there is no such thing as an "objective reality". This process has already begun, but still the old mechanist paradigm ferociously defends its slipping stand.

Specially true is this whith our bodies which are the closest "material" thing to ourselves (souls, or whatever we are). Here, nobody can really tell us "things are this or that way". Yet they try. And therein lies maybe the biggest challenge on the immortal path.

They tell you death is natural (and a good thing) -- let them have their way, let them believe whatever they want, let them die if they so want it. But DONT let them hyponitize any of them into what they think to be "realilty" or "the truth".

The latter applies to everything in life, but even more so to the idea of immortality. I believe that absolute self-reliance, up to the point where you really do not need any other person, is one of the basic prerequisites on the immortal pathway.

Ben, Thanks for running this blog; I'll stay tuned.

Ben Abba said...

Thank you gizmao, for he great comment!