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A Great Post on the Possibility of Immortality

I received this post on one of the other forums that I subscribe to. It was so good I received permission to publish it on my post. Here is the type of posts I am looking for from "Michael":

Hello, came across your blog and wanted to post some comments, and hopefully, helpful tips. Since we do not know each other, I do not have a way to place into "context" everything you commented on. So if I mention something that seems redundant or obvious please do not take it disrespectfully, I am just trying to be thorough. Also, I want to say upfront that although remarkable claims require remarkable proof, only an open mind can find that proof and I am in no way trying to "deflate" what you are attempting to do.

First, There is no reason that a person could not be born and live an unusually long time. In fact, the basis of evolutionary biology, is that of the “random mutation”, which in certain circumstances happens to be beneficial to the organism and causes the organism to have an advantage that extends life. The natural conclusion to this process would be an organism that does not die do to genetic factors. These “immortals”, already exist in nature, and are undisputedly documented and accepted by mainstream science. Biological Immortality

Evolution has not stopped, so there is no reason a person could not have such an abnormality. With all of the nonbiological ways to die, accidents, war’s, etc, it’s possible there could have been countless that never knew they were biologically immortal because they ended up dying in other ways.

On your methods for finding, "candidates", for immortality. I myself am an adept at "data mining", having spent several years as a bail enforcement officer, or "bounty hunter", before my current occupation, and now a days it is amazing what can be found by a motivated individual with some keystroke capability. I would however caution you that there are two problems with data mining. The first is, people, and the second is, people.

First, there are countless errors whenever data is input by people into a system. I recognized this the first time I downloaded my credit report. In the second case the error lies not in the mistake, but in the lie. An example of this that would complicate your endeavor happened in both Russia, and Japan during WW2, as men claimed to be older than they truly were to escape being drafted into combat.

Many cases of men living so long, I’ve even heard of up to 150+, can be found but are not a miracle of nature so much as "draft dodgers" who listed there ages back in the 1930's as 65 or older but who were actually only middle aged. I personally, in my work, met a man of age 80 who looked younger than I did, age 28, at the time. Now of course he had obtained his fathers identity after his father’s death (which he did not report) so he could receive his father’s social security and pension, and it was a clear case of identity theft.

Again I say, I am not berating your research because I have not seen it, I am just being thorough. And if I was to start a search for such a person, that is probably how I would begin it. As for your other listed methods, dowsing and physics, well, lets just agree to disagree. Whether or not dowsing or psychics are real or not is not even so much the case as whether or not they produce “actionable intelligence”. I have no idea how serious you are about this, but I would give you a piece of friendly advice; if you truly want to get a benefit from this quest, be it just simply curiosity satisfied, or helping the rest of us slowly dying masses get a glimpse of the divine spark, keep the research as grounded as possible. It would be a complete shame, if you would have such an amazing person on your hands, with all the potential benefits, and nothing useful ever came of it because no one took you or him seriously. is full of books about amazing things and people that will never benefit anyone because they get listed under “paranormal”, and it becomes impossible for an average person to separate the “wheat from the chaff”. That said; Let me reward your patience with my long letter, by attempting to make myself useful.

First, Getting D.N.A and other evidence is relatively easy. Once an individual places trash outside for pick-up, he or she loses all rights to it. Police officers use this all the time to get D.N.A and other evidence without a warrant. The best way is to drive by, survey the trash, then purchase matching trash bags. Fill the matching trash bags with crumbled paper and such, and then switch the bags. It takes like ten seconds. The reason you replace the bags with your new ones, is in case the person looks out the window, you don’t want him wondering why his trash is missing lol. Trash is AWSEOME. Think of all the things you throw away, all the little pieces of your life that indicate what you eat, drink, what bills you have etc. Even people who tend to shred there important paperwork before throwing it away, tend not to shred the envelopes it came in. You get medicine bottles, store receipts. You Name it. This would give you a LEGAL and relatively unobtrusive window into the mans life. It could also solve your questions without additional hassle. If the man is throwing out insulin needles, or heart meds, he’s probably not the immortal you’re looking for. And of coarse, there are usually several forms of DNA in the trash, and should you get a sample I recommend: National Geographic the reason I recommend sending DNA here, is that should this man truly be 2,000+ years old, You will have your proof. My family has contributed to this project, and it costs, but once you do, you can log in and you receive information on your (or in this case his) specific genetic lineage.

How this helps you, first of all you can see if he is of the ancestry he says he is from. Secondly, The site tells you your relationship to everyone else who has participated in the study. It will produce for you very clearly his timeline. If he had children 2,000 years ago, his markers would be present in diverse people today. If he is one of those “sterile immortals” then he SHOULDN’T have any relationships with anyone. You may even get lucky, and he may show as a DIRECT kin to one of those desert mummies they tested lol. Check the site out, you’ll see what I mean.

Without knowing more specifics, that’s pretty much the best advice I can give you. There is no “forensic” method for determining age, past young adulthood, that is considered accurate enough that it would benefit you here.

As for questions for a 2000+ yr old man, well, I’d have a million. Although right now, I’d be happier helping you to verify his claim...

Here’s to your luck, and never forget, “a pond that is too pure holds no fish”.

take care!"

My Response:

Thank you Michael for such an incredible your post! This is exactly the reason I am posting on these forums and blogs: to meet people like you and to exchange ideas on how to handle this incredible person.

As a personal interest, I went looking for the oldest man alive to find out how they survived. What I found was something more. After years of researching this man, I found the evidence that I needed to prove to myself that he was the real thing. After I started putting together everything he said, it became clear that I had to tell the world at least some of what he had to say.

I am agreement with just everything you said. The tips on obtaining a DNA sample; especially where to go after I obtain such a sample as extremely informative. For my real job I am involved with computer security for several financials and on occasion I have to hunt down a fraudster. Usually this is done virtually, but on occasion it is done with real, physical evidence.

I am going to use a strategy like what you mentioned to get a DNA sample(s) from him. Not because I need the evidence for myself, but because I am very curious as to what story it will tell us. Others I know will need to see this DNA for themselves and for that reason I will publish whatever the tests results say.

By the way, he has a son and at least one grandchild that I am aware of. I will try to get a sample of them as well; again out of curiosity.

I will be looking forward to any more of your comments.


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