Friday, January 4, 2008

Why we already could be immortal ... without knowing it?

While thinking about this question, an answer came to me in very clear way:

I am now beginning to believe, from what I have researched combined with what I recently discovered, that we are all born with the gift of immortality; however we are programmed from birth to die; either like are parents, our siblings, our friends, or in some way which we feel will complete our life.

Something more to ponder.

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anonymous012361 said...

I have the nagging suspicion that I have some kind of anomaly, not sure if it's immortality but it definitely has something to do with my constitution and aptitudes. Several years ago I stopped getting sick. No diseases just the occasional overeating or undereating. No colds, no fevers, no symptomatic indicators of something malignant. I'm only 25 but I still look and feel the same as I did when my body matured at 17/18, that's my suspicion. Perhaps I should mention also that I am an aspiring sorcerer, meager as my intuitive aptitude is from the popular view of magic, my intuitive grasp of coincidences is uncanny. In any case I wanted to let you know that you should look for sports in recent generations as well as old. Good luck in your search and be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.